What are the images of women in the early of 20th century in England?  I need the sources of your answer for my thesis.

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markchambers1966 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Try checking out the BBC history site, it is very good for Victorian Britain! However...women had a variety of roles as seen by the images of the period. Although there is an idea that Victorian womenb were at home and living domestic lives, this was only really true for the middle and upper classes. Working women were involved with domestic service and worked in the cotton factories of the first industrial nation! Women were expected to be responsible for bringing up children in the family and many got married early, however there was a strong movement for early feminism that promoted the push for the vote with the suffragette movement. Women were also involved on the fringes of society, prostitution in the main cities was endemic and many women were living by themselves struggling to bring up children and feed a family. Try looking at the paintings of the Victorian era and you will get a cross section of images, showing the woman as a domestic, as a mother and also as someone struggling against the odds - images of the little match girl for instance.