What images and symbols can be used to describe Portia on her epitaph?I have to find both an item and an picture to put on her headstone that describe her...for a project.

mkcapen1 | Student

Portia in Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar" is a woman of great beauty and intelligence.  She is the wife of Brutus, he man who will slay Caesar.  She can be very manipulative with Brutus and uses this to gain all the information she desires.  She is also demanding of his love.  However, she is supportive of her husband and does serve as his confident.

I looking at an epitaph for Portia, I would create one that defines her greatest role and that is as a fair and beautiful wife to Brutus.  Perhaps you could have a rose on the headstone or a set of gentle violets.  These could represent her beauty.  I think a rose would do well because it has a strong stem and Portia was a strong woman to want to carry Brutus' secrets.


bennypole | Student

She is best known for being the second wife of Marcus Junius Brutus, the most famous of Julius Caesar's assassins, and for her suicide, reputedly by swallowing live coals. She is ver beautiful and looks  naturel beauty.......!!

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