What imagery is used in the poem "If You Forget Me" by Pablo Neruda?

In "If You Forget Me," Pablo Neruda communicates the multi-faceted nature of love with such images as the crystal moon, a red branch, the wrinkled body of a burned log, roots, flowers, and fire.

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Imagery consists of descriptive language that is meant to appeal to our senses. It can convey physical experience that feels very familiar, but it can also allow us to experience—via language—new sensations. It can be visual (for something we might see), olfactory (for something we might smell), auditory (for something we could hear), tactile (for something we might touch), or gustatory (for something we would taste). There is also kinesthetic imagery, which describes physical tension or movement in our bodies, and organic imagery, which describes our internal physical feelings like hunger.

In "If You Forget Me," there is a great deal of visual imagery, and the visual predominates throughout the poem: there is the "crystal moon," the "red branch," the "wrinkled body of the log," the "little boats," and so on. This visual imagery continues when the speaker talks about his "roots" and a "flower" that "climbs up to your lips." Neruda also uses tactile imagery in the description of the "impalpable...

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