What image in the middle stanza is echoed by the word ringed from line ten? When dead, her terrified hands will lie/still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.

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In "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers," Adrienne Rich uses the image of a wedding band, specifically "Uncle's wedding band," in the middle stanza. This image is echoed by the word ringed used in a different way in the last stanza. The implication of the poem is that Aunt Jennifer's marriage weighs heavy on her - so heavy that she finds it difficult to even complete the panel of fierce, prancing tigers that she is working on.  Rich's use of the ring imagery is ironic in that she indicates that Jennifer is doing needlework of animals that are fearsome and brave and free, while she herself is clearly trapped in a bad marriage. And yet, the tigers, too, are trapped forever in Jennifer's needlework; they will live on even after she dies.  

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