What is the illusion of appearance that Gatsby and Daisy portray and what is the real truth about them? i needed to find this answer as I am studying the book and the answer should not be too spacific (ex. Gatsby lied to Nick about his money )

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One of the illusions that is central to the novel centers on Jay Gatsby, and that is simply the illusion that he is part of the world of the super wealthy.  He maintains this illusion by the way he dresses, his parties, his mansion, etc., but it breaks down when he realizes that he can never be a part of the world of Daisy and that she cannot let go of that world.

For Daisy clings to the idea that wealth and the trappings that come with it can cover any amount of unhappiness or dishonesty or unfaithfulness on her part, on Tom's part and even on the poisonous and vacuous relationship between she and Tom.  But when she has the chance to run away with Gatsby, her former love, she cannot walk away from the pretense of old wealth and the circle she is now a part of.

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