European Colonization of North America

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What if France owned the 13 Colonies, instead of Britain?

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This question is very hypothetical. France had religious minorities, but I do not believe enough of them would wish to leave France in order to take their chances establishing a new society in the American colonies. The French colonies were always relatively sparsely populated, except for a few cities. France had a navy, but it could not stand up to the British naval program, and the French colonies of the New World would often be at the mercy of British war ships in the event of war.

I am operating under the assumption that the colonies would be French instead of British subjects conquered by France. The main language would be French. Relations with Native Americans might be better, as French traders often intermarried with native tribes in order to gain favorable trade relationships. The colonies would be Catholic. The colonies would not be as populated as they were under British rule, and I also believe that France might have given up on North America on its own after the profitable sugar colony of Haiti declared its independence.

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