What ideology did Juan Peron use to rise to power?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best way to describe Juan Peron’s ideology is to say that it was a form of populist nationalism.  Peron was not, foremost, a partisan of one particular ideology.  Therefore, historians typically say that his ideology was somewhat muddled, but that it generally revolved around populism and nationalism.

Peron was a nationalist.  He was interested in ensuring that Argentina would no longer be beholden to foreign countries.  For example, he used the money that the country had made during World War II to buy out foreign owners of major industries such as railroads in Argentina.  He also erected high tariff barriers to protect Argentine industries from outside competition.

Part of the reason for his nationalism was a desire to appeal to the masses.  Peron wanted to get the votes of the masses.  His critics argued that he was pandering to them and essentially buying their votes.  Peron’s supporters feel that he was simply being democratic by adopting policies that were in the interests of the people.  Through his economic policies and his nationalism, Peron was able to appeal to the masses.  Therefore, we can characterize his ideology as populist and nationalist.

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