What idea is Wiesel trying to present through Night?

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I think that the basic idea that Wiesel is trying to present through his work is the horrors intrinsic to the Holocaust.  Wiesel illuminates the terror  experienced in the Holocaust.  In doing so, Wiesel is giving voice to those whose voices were silenced by the Nazis.  At the same time, I think that Wiesel seeks to present how dehumanization was one of the elements that enabled the Holocaust to happen.  The same dehumanization and silencing of voice that the Nazis perpetrated on their victims was the same silencing that seen in Moshe the Beadle or Madame Schachter.  Wiesel seeks present a moral and ethical principle that voices the idea that the inclusion of voices and the validation of individual experience is the only way to prevent another historical context in which the death of millions is perpetrated.  This becomes one of Wiesel's guiding ideas in the narrative.  The ability to acknowledge individual experience is one of the critical ideas that emerge from the work. This is something that resonates throughout the work.  In the process, one recognizes that this idea is critical to both the trajectory of the work and its relevance in historical and literary memory. 

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