What ideas are introduced in the first paragraph of Chapter 1 of The Kite Runner, and how are they related to the concept of change?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main idea presented in the first paragraph of The Kite Runner deals with Amir's long-standing guilt and his personal sins, and how running away from them--or trying to "bury it"--is rarely a remedy. The moment that Amir mentions--the day in which he fails to come to Hassan's assistance while he is being sodomized by Assef--has come to define his entire being. It made him "what I am today." The paragraph introduces the belief that atoning for one's mistakes is the only way to live a peaceful inner existence. Amir's immigration to America does not solve his problem, nor does the success of his marriage and writing career. The sins committed against Hassan still haunt him, and only a change in his life--in Amir's case, a return to Afghanistan to find his nephew, Sohrab--will serve as a cure to his guilt and "a way to be good again."

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