What ideas from the feminist perspective are apparent in Woman Hollering Creek?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A central idea from the feminist perspective in Sandra Cisneros' novel Woman Hollering Creek is that of control, specifically, a woman's control over her own life. This is demonstrated in Cleofilas' story. The most telling moment that emphasizes this idea is when the clinic physician Graciela speaks to Cleofilas on the telephone. Significantly, this incident moves from a third person narrator to first person when Graciela speaks.

Another idea from the feminist perspective is demonstrated in this same section. This second feminist perspective idea is that of voice. Cloefilas is without a voice. She is an unwilling participant in events that occur to her without a voice to use in denouncing them or stopping them. Suddenly, during Graeciela's first person phone conversation, Cleofilas disconvers her voice. There is a strong symbolic tie between this idea of the discovery or recovery of the feminine voice and Woman Hollering Creek.

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