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The Story of My Life

by Helen Keller

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What ideas do the hunters, from chapter 11 of The Story of My Life, bring to mind?

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Helen Keller, in The Story of My Life, vividly expresses herself throughout this autobiography, allowing the reader to understand her best and worst moments and events. Whilst holidaying in the family's summer cottage one autumn, Helen is inspired by the woods which give off "an illusive, fragrant something that made the heart glad." (ch 11) Many visitors come to their cottage, including the men who come to hunt "fowl, fish and quadruped." Despite being unable to see or hear anything, Helen can sense the atmosphere created by "these wily hunters." They make the reader imagine a determined group of men, "champion hunters" with many stories to tell but unfortunately, on this occassion, nothing to show for their efforts.

The inclusion of the hunters inn the story encourages the reader to recognize how much Helen has developed by this stage as "The barren places between my mind and the minds of others blossomed like the rose." This and every other circumstance is an opportunity for Helen to express herself. Ther hunters bring to mind Helen Keller's own sense of determination as she battles incredible odds and just like " The party soon forgot its disappointment" so Helen takes every opportunity - good or bad - and manages it and learns from it.  

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