What ideas did Hitler add to Mussolini's Fascism in formulating Nazi ideology?

In formulating Nazi ideology, Hitler added racist ideas to Mussolini’s fascism. Mussolini’s fascism was highly nationalist (concerned with the interests of the nation above all else), imperialist (engaged in attempts to expand the nation’s power outside of its borders), and corporatist (using an economic system in which the state is closely tied to corporations and industry). Hitler adopted all of this, but also added the ideas of antisemitism and the supremacy of the Aryan race.

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Mussolini’s fascism and Hitler’s Nazi ideology both share several similarities. However, they were not identical; in fact, there were some important differences between the two.

Benito Mussolini became the dictator of Italy in the 1920s after developing the fascist ideology. Italian fascism consisted of a strong sense of nationalism that helped contribute to the practice of totalitarianism and Italian imperialism. Economically, Mussolini’s fascism favored corporatism rather than capitalism or Marxist socialism.

Adolf Hitler, who was inspired by the leadership of Mussolini in Italy, agreed with the majority of the characteristics of Italian fascism. However, Hitler added new ideas to the fascist ideology. These ideas were focused on racial and religious purity. One of the most infamous elements of Nazism is antisemitism, or the belief that people of the Jewish faith were genetically subhuman enemies who were responsible for destroying Europe through both capitalism and communism.

While espousing antisemitism, Nazi ideology also exalted what Hitler called the Aryan race, or those of an Indo-European ethnic background. According to Hitler, the Aryan race was pure, and all other ethnicities were considered inferior or even evil. As such, it was illegal to have relationships or children with people of other races. Unfortunately, Hitler took this biased ideology to the extreme, and Nazism was responsible for the systematic death of millions of innocent people.

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