What are ideas for an expository essay with the.... "when encountering conflict, individuals must think carefully about how they choose to act."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are several paths you can take regarding this statement and Miller's work.  The one element that jumps out at me with the statement is the idea of "think carefully."  This involves a great deal of thought and rumination about what to do and what has to be done.  Being able to relate this to John Proctor would be a step in the right direction, in my mind.  Proctor does not impetuously decide what he must do.  It comes from deliberation and analysis about himself, the choices he has made, and the state of affairs with Abigail's accusations.  I would think about this, and find evidence from the text that shows the level of thought that Proctor undergoes and undertakes when deciding on what he has to do.  Additionally, I would also pay attention to how Elizabeth has to do much of the same when she makes the decision to lie on the stand and then have to wrestle with how she approaches her decision in regards to her husband's.  There is much within her that undergoes change as she not only has to deal with the same elements that John does, but must also deal with the repercussions of his commitments and what he decides to do in the face of conflict.  Analyzing both of the Proctors with evidence from the text that shows or reflect their propensity to "think carefully" about how to approach conflict might be a good start on this particular task.

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