What ideals of a great hero does Beowulf exemplify & how is he described in the excerptAlso re-tell the story

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I'll get you started with some traits and an example of each.  You should look for more examples of those you best understand.

Beowulf's Heroic Traits:

Physical Strength: fights Grendel with no weapons

Courage: goes to fight Grendel's mother alone

Honor: comes to Hrothgar when his kingdom is in need because Hrothgar protected Beowulf's father

Loyalty to his men: sleeps in the same place as the rest of his men while awaiting Grendel's arrival in Herot instead of the private room offered him

Loyalty to his king: refers frequently to his own king, Higlac, then returns to this king to offer up the gifts bestowed on him by Hrothgar after defeating Grendel's mother