What ideas are presented as the solutions to the animals' problems in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ideas presented as solutions to the animals' problems.  Most of them come from the pigs' themselves. For example, in Chapter 2, after Old Major has died, the pigs are the ones who start the process of rallying the animals around the ideas of self- rule and casting off the oppression caused by humans.  Once the revolution succeeds, the pigs ascend to the control of the farm and begin to present a myriad of solutions to the animals' troubles.  Snowball comes up with the idea of delegating committees to help the animals succeed in different areas of farm management.  He also develops the plan to build the windmill as a source of power that will allow the farm to be competitive, and is advertised to actually decrease the amount of work that animals have to do on the farm.  For his part, Squealer is able to present a variety of "spins" that are pitched to the animals that Napoleon and his cohorts are actually helping the animals' burdens as opposed to oppressing them.  Finally, the ultimate idea that is presented to solving the animals' problems is given by Napoleon.  In Chapter seven, he makes it very clear that those who complain and engage in activity that goes against the farm will suffer tremendously in the form of public humiliation and death.  This is the end idea proposed to the animals, so that there will be no more complaints of trouble out of fear of death.