What is the idea of predestination?

Expert Answers
osurpless eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The idea of predestination is the religious belief that champions the idea that fate has been preordained to have good results for some and unfortunate results for others, especially when it comes to salvation and entrance into Heaven. Predestination was part of doctrine in Christian theology, and St. Augustus of Hippo and John Calvin were two of its most premiere adherents.

Christian predestination can be thought of as part of the original covenant among God and the faithful as part of the deity's absolute power and control over human lives. This helps to reconcile what can perceived as unfairness in the doctrine, akin to if everything is decided already, why bother struggling to improve oneself through life? Fatalism can be a slippery slope in an improper understanding of predestination, so you must be assiduous when considering the concept. Determinism, or the understanding that specific outcomes are inevitable, is often contrasted with various forms of religious concepts, as in scientific inquiry.

Judaism has an altogether different view of the concept, with Judaic scholars arguing that the concept of an omnipotent god was not part of the Abrahamic concepts and was in fact, influenced by Aristotle and other philosophers. Ancient religions such as Zoroastrianism reject predestination entirely, believing that people are responsible for all actions and situations they find themselves in.