What is the idea of family from "Grapes of Wrath" and from todays family? my class didnt ready every single chapters only ch 1,3,12, and 21.

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During the Grapes of Wrath era, the traditional family unit was comprised of a mother, father, and children. Usually, couples had large families to assist with chores around the farm or home, and each child had their own duty, due to the economy and standards of the time.

In contrast, today's family unit may include stepfathers, stepmothers, adopted children, or a whole range of other possibilities. Grandparents are playing a large role today as they have in the past, but for entirely different reasons. The mothers and fathers of today are less prepared than those of the past, to some degree, and grandparents are finding that they must step in and help out in the child-rearing process. The family structure is similar, in that most families reside within the same home and interact in much the same way that families always have, but the members of a family can be more diverse than they were in bygone eras. Any number of possibilities exists for what may comprise a "family" by modern standards.

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