What idea does Faber suggest to Montag about printing extra copies of books?

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Montag suggests to Faber that they should get a printing press and make extra copies of books. Faber tells Montag that he is not interested in that sort of talk that might get him into trouble. He says that the only way he will possibly listen to Montag is if they could take down the entire fireman structure. Faber suggests to Montag that they could possibly print extra copies and hide them in firemen's houses throughout the country which will "sow seeds of suspicion" amongst them. (Bradbury 81) Montag asks Faber if he is serious about the plan, and Faber says that he was only joking. Faber tells Montag that burning firemen's houses down would only "nibble the edges." (Bradbury 83) He explains that society as a whole has rejected reading on their own accord because they are preoccupied with having "fun." Firemen are hardly necessary and are only called upon in extreme circumstances. Planting books in their homes would be risky and not change society significantly.

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