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This is commonly known as the water cycle. It shows the continuous movement of water on Earth, cycling between the oceans, the groundwater, and the atmosphere. When water gains heat energy, it can evaporate. Water vapor will rise into the atmosphere as a gas. When this cools and condenses, precipitation will occur. The water will return to Earth's surface as rain or snow. Next, some will pass into the soil when infiltration occurs. It then trickles down to the water table and flows beneath the surface as groundwater. This will eventually travel to the sea. Some of the precipation becomes runoff and it too, will travel by the pull of gravity downhill towards sea-level.  Water vapor can also enter the water cycle when living things exhale and when perspiration evaporates. When urine is excreted, this adds liquid water back to the water cycle. Plants absorb water via their root systems and due to transpirational pull, some will eventually escape the pores in the leaves called stomates and re-enter the atmosphere as water vapor.The water cycle is a continuous process and the driving force behind it is the energy of the sun which helps it to gain energy to become atmospheric water via evaporation.