In Frankenstein, who is more human? The creature or Victor?

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This is the question that is at the heart of this book. It is important to remember that one way of viewing this book is that it is a critique of humanity and in particular of our evil and uncaring nature. Let us remember that it is Frankenstein that rejects his creature after creating him, when he was in most need of care and love. Indeed, the creature himself, in Chapter Ten when he confronts his maker after killing William , indicates that his inhumanity...

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I think the creature is more human. This is because the creature expresses his feelings more confidently and to a greater extent. Also, the creation wants to be involved in society, seemingly more so than Victor.
Victor is alien in his society in the way that he removes himself from others, for example when he goes about creating the daemon/creation. Victor is very secretive and seems to like it that way... he doesn't really try to understand people like the creation does.
The creation tries again and again to belong in the community, its his greatest desire. With Victor, on the other hand, there seems to be a gulf between him and the rest of society.

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