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It is difficult to find a satisfactory definition of “human sexuality” that does not include the word “sexual” in the definition, thereby rendering any definition kind of useless.  For purposes of discussion, however, “human sexuality” will be defined as “the way in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings.” [This definition, largely identical to most, was provided by Ludwin Molina in his article “Human Sexuality,” California State University, Northridge, www.csun-edu/~vcpsy00h/students/sexual.htm] 

Human sexuality can best be summarized as the natural hormonal changes individuals experience when in a situation involving other individuals for whom there is some measure of physical attraction.  Scientific studies utilizing high-technology imaging equipment have illuminated the physical changes that occur inside an individual, particularly the brain, when physical attraction, anticipation of sexual activity, and the conduct of sexual activity each occur.  Sexual attraction and activity affects the pituitary gland in the lower forward section of the brain, which stimulates production of hormones.  In males, the hormone testosterone is produced in the testes and in females estrogen and progesterone, which is secreted by the ovaries. 

The study of human sexuality has produced great advances in knowledge of how the human body reacts under certain situations, but the variables involved are infinite to the extent that every human being is unique.  Basic human anatomy is constant, of course, but the brain is the beginning of the process and the human brain remains a mystery in many respects.  Why some individuals respond the way they do to external stimuli and others react differently can be attributable to variables about which little is known.  Sexual drive is among the strongest innate instincts possessed by living beings.  Understanding sexuality in a creature as complex as humans is no easy task, but the purpose of studying human sexuality is to advance the level of knowledge to the extent possible.

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"Human Sexuality" describes your sexual preferences, whether you are a boy or girl.