What types of formal human services are provided to fulfill the needs that Maslow described?

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs originally comprised of five types of needs, namely physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, esteem needs, and self actualization needs. Physiological needs are at the bottom of the pyramid and need to be fulfilled first before any other need as you proceed up the pyramid. Human services on the other hand are a set of services aimed at enhancing people’s optimal functionality and quality of life by enabling them meet their needs. With regards to Maslow’s needs, there are several human services agencies in existence that help people satisfy their needs. Some of them are outlined below alongside their corresponding need in Maslow’s hierarchy.

United States Housing Authority- Physiological needs (shelter)
Homeland Security Department- Safety needs (security)
Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities- Love and belongingness needs World Food Program (WFP)- Physiological needs (hunger)
New York State Department of Education- Esteem needs (education)

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