What human rights did Stalin violate?

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Stalin is widely regarded as one of the worst dictators in human history, creating the communist Soviet Union and stripping citizens of their rights. There are many instances of his human rights violations, too many to describe here in their entirety, but there are several key points.

Stalin's enforced occupation of Eastern Europe is one of the first examples of his human rights violations. After WWII was over, military occupation in Eastern Europe was supposed to be regulated by agreements set in place just after the war. During this occupation, he restricted religion and free speech, two central human rights.

One of the greatest examples of his human rights violations was an artificially imposed famine in his own country. He created scarcity by exporting nearly all of the crops produced in the country to bolster the national profit while punishing and restricting the people of the Soviet Union to further his control over them.

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Stalin violated many human rights.  He needlessly executed top generals out of fear that they would become more powerful and more beloved than him.  He occupied Eastern Europe after WWII and cracked down on anyone professing a religion.  He signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1939 and divided Poland.  Perhaps the greatest human rights violation in the history of Europe was the Holodomor, an artificially created famine in Ukraine and the Northern Caucasus so that Stalin could export food to the rest of the world while his own people starved.  Stalin collectivized farms in Ukraine and when the farmers resisted (it reminded them too much of serfdom), Stalin ordered the leading farmers, intelligentsia, and religious leaders rounded up, tried before sham trials, and shot.  Stalin ordered government officials to confiscate food to send to the Russian state even if it meant taking away Ukrainians' draft animals and seed stock.  Stalin exported much of this food around the world so that he could boast the success of the Communist state.  Over two million people were known to have died in the Holodomor.  

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