what is Human Resources planning?

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Human resources planning is an important part of an organization's planning process.  Human resources planning enables the organization to forecast needs, design responses to those needs and implement met needs in the workforce.  The three broadly stroked steps of human resource planning are (SaskJobs Canada, Module 1):

  • identifying business strategy and needs
  • conducting job analysis and writing job descriptions
  • determining the feasibility of hiring

Human resources planning identifies areas that an employer or manager may need additional employees.  For example, when expanding an administrative department, the manager may realize that more analysts are needed or additional administrative support staff. Human resource planning allows the manager and the organization to forecast, or predict, how many staff will be needed.  Then, potential wages for those positions need to be considered.  Wages are determined by benchmarking against current salaries in the marketplace.  Once the positions and salaries are determined, human resources planning also allows the organization and department to budget for those additional employees.