What is human resource planning and the level of importance to an organisation?

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Humans are the most important resource an organization has, which means that human resource (HR) planning is essential to any entity.  Human resource planning has many different aspects, which I will briefly review.

HR departments are responsible for staffing their organizations with the best possible people for the job.  This involves considerable planning, to determine staffing level needs, to predict turnover, to create requirements and job descriptions for hiring.  Advertising for new hires must be planned, as must a vetting process, which would include the creation of applications, the structuring of interviews, decisions on what combination of experience, skill, and education should be required for a job.

HR departments are responsible for training employees.  This also involves a great deal of planning. Will training be conducted in-house?  Will an outside service be brought in for training. Perhaps it should be a combination of both?  HR departments must plan ahead for training needs.  New job training, cross-training, and soft skills training must be planned for.  Plans must be made to minimize "down" time as employees are trained.

HR departments are often responsible for firing and layoffs.  This, too, involves planning.  There should be a consistent process for terminating people, since inconsistencies can trigger lawsuits.

HR departments are often responsible for compliance with EEO regulations, to ensure that hiring, firing, transfers and so on do not run afoul of anti-discrimination laws.  This means that plans must be made to be sure that such laws are complied with.

HR departments are responsible for gathering and maintaining statistics on employees. This means that there must be a system in place to keep statistics, something that must be planned for.

HR departments are usually responsible for handling various administrative actions, for example, workers' compensation or unemployment compensation claims.  Plans must be made concerning these.  Should outside counsel be retained?  Should the HR department take care of this in-house?  Who will be responsible for this within the department?  Will an HR person need training to do this job.  This is part of the budget-planning and staffing process for the HR department.

Once in a while, an HR department is responsible for the "social" side of the organization, taking care of sympathy cards for employees with deceased family or planning for social events within the organization.

HR departments are crucial to the organization because they are responsible for people.  Without good planning in the HR department, it doesn't matter how good a product or service is.  We always need people.

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