What are the Human Resource Management implications of globalization?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many significant human resource management implications of globalization.

First, since your company will be working with people from many countries and cultures, international experience and multilingualism should be considered assets in job applicants for all positions. An engineer located in San Francisco might be working with a programming team in Dehli and a supplier in Singapore; some who is culturally inflexible may not be the best choice for such a position.

Next, since physical location is increasingly irrelevant in an age of telecommuting, you may wish to draw the best applicants from a global pool rather than recruiting locally. This means active outreach to universities and other potential sources of interns and hires in India, China, and Brazil, rather than just recruiting in the US.

Since managers and executives will be working in a globalized environment, they should be rotated through divisions in several countries; someone who has only worked in the US or only in India, is not really qualified to deal with a corporation that has global reach.