What is the human/cultural geography of The Pacific Realm?

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The human geography of the Pacific Realm is, of course, rather complex.  There are many aspects to it and there are many ways in which it differs from place to place within the realm.

In some ways, the human geography of this region is rather homogeneous.  In this whole huge realm, there were three main cultures that came to occupy large numbers of islands.  These were the Melanesian, the Polynesian, and the Micronesian groups.  These groups were rather similar in many ways.  They tended to be animistic peoples who lived in relatively small groups.  This was different on the larger islands, but many of the islands of this realm were too small to support large populations.  People on the larger islands typically had more complex and hierarchical societies while those on the smaller islands were less complex and more egalitarian.

The human geography changed greatly with the coming of Europeans.  In many places, native populations died either due to fighting or to disease.  European cultural influences destroyed native ways of life.  Many children of mixed racial descent were born.  These changes irrevocably altered the human and cultural geography of the islands of the Pacific Realm. 

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