What huge social, political, and economic change happened from 1865 - 1900?

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The United States experienced a transformation between 1865-1900. There were economic, political, and social changes.

Economic changes were probably the most far-reaching. The Second Industrial Revolution was of paramount importance. Mining became a big business. Entrepreneurs, such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, became extremely rich and powerful. Laborers were exploited during this period, so labor unions began to develop. There were some labor strikes, and the entrepreneurs often responded by calling on the militia.

This was a period of great economic inequality. Many people believed in Social Darwinism. This is the idea that the rich justly earned their fortunes and that government should not regulate the economy.

The West was settled during this period. One consequence of this was that women in the West obtained a greater social role than in other parts of the nation. Indian tribes were removed from their lands-either by treaty or by force. Historian Frederick Jackson...

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