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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hubworld is a television series which airs on the Hub Network in the United States. It is produced by Natural 9 Entertainment in connection with Hasbro Studios.

Hubworld is a news magazine geared at children. It premiered in November of 2010, and it is hosted by Justin "Kredible" Willman who is, appropriately enough both an actor and a magician. This show examines, in a way directed to children, the current programs airing on The Hub Network. This includes shows such as "Dan Vs.," "Family Game Night," "Friendship is Magic," "G.I. Joe Renegades," "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," and "Transformers: Prime."

Willman, the emcee/commentator gives a comedic slant to the news and delivers a monologue on current events called "Hub Happenings" and "Back it Up," in which he makes fun of clips from The Hub programming.

Hubworld also includes interviews with current stars in pop music, celebrities, and popular sports figures. For something more substantive and inspiring, Willman celebrates children who are doing something good for their own communities and even the world. 

Each episode of Hubworld ends with a musician, Danny Tieger, singing a song that wraps up all the news. That segment is called "Just to Let You Know News Jam."

The show is geared at children, and one of the greatest criticisms of Hubworld is that it is spending a lot of time "selling" products to your children. One evaluation of the show includes the following assessment: 

Parents need to know that is very heavily ad-, brand-, and character-driven. The Hub network is owned by Hasbro Inc. and Discovery Communications and often seems a bit overly promotional, kind of like one big ongoing ad for their toys and games.

The review goes on to say that while many of the shows are harmless, it also has shows parents might find objectionable, such as "The Haunting Hour" and even "G.I. Joe." Most of the game shows are fun, according to the review, and there are some which have some educational value. 

ladyofwords | Student

HubWorld is connecting many worlds across one stage .Primarily this mean a lot in the gaming world. Across a particular hub, gamers have the choice to pick their genre. Some games take place on beach or in cities, so all the surrounding will match the hub. Also hubs determine the graphics of game in which it will be played. Many gamers choose games based of the graphics alone. The Hub World is very vast and leaves room for gamer design choice. This allows for the openness of the gamers’ world