What is Howard Zinn's argument concerning the Founders and the Constitution?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Howard Zinn is a scholar who approaches every question from a Marxist point of view.  As such, he believes that history is made up of classes struggling against one another.  He believes that the Constitution was written by elites who were interested in preserving their advantages over others.

Zinn approvingly cites Charles Beard, who argued that the Constitution was written for the economic benefit of the ruling class.  Beard argues that the Founders wanted to make sure that the interests of people of their own economic class would be protected.

Zinn closes his chapter on the subject by saying

Were the Founding Fathers wise and just men trying to achieve a good balance?  In fact, they did not want a balance, except one which kept things as they were, a balance among the dominant forces at that time.

For more, follow the link and then go down about 9 paragraphs to where it says "After the Revolutionary War..." and then from there...

parama9000 | Student

He believes it was established by the elite for the elite from a Marxist point of view.