What and how does the Christianity Today magazine  communicate its own ideology?

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This is a great question. Christianity Today was established in 1956 in Illinois. It is explicit in its religious convictions as it states that it is a magazine that is rooted in evangelical Christianity. This basically means the the magazine has a high view of the Bible from a historical Protestant point of view. The founder of the magazine is no one less than Billy Graham. The magazine has a readership of a little over a quarter million. 

If you look at the magazine, you will see their ideological and theological commitments. The authors are generally evangelical theologians and thinkers. They teach in the main seminaries in American and have a point of view that favors evangelical causes. Most importantly, their mission is to bring Christianity to the world to change the world. Their mission statement says it all: "creating Christian content that changes the people who change the world."

In light of this, I would say that Christianity Todayundoubtedly has a strong ideological focus that emerges from conservative Christian values, but  their saving grace is that this point is clearly made, which is refreshing. No one is left to guess about their commitments, motives, or mission.



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