What house does the family move into in How Much of These Hills Is Gold?

In How Much of These Hills Is Gold, the house that the family moves into is little more than a shack, alone at the valley's edge, a long uphill walk from the creek. It may not be much, but it's a home.

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After two weeks of travel, Lucy and her family have finally found a place of their own. But it's certainly not what Lucy would've wanted. Lucy's heart sinks at the sight of this ramshackle little shack, situated alone at the valley's edge, a long, uphill walk from the creek.

The shack is constructed from gapped walls and a tin ceiling. It has just one window, and that has no glass in it, just a stretched oilcloth. On the whole, this doesn't look like a very hospitable place; it's certainly no place for a family.

But Lucy and her family have no choice. As the mine boss who led them to the shack told them, it was either this place or camping with the “trash” outside town. Lucy and Sam's father wanted to say something, but his wife put a warning hand on his chest and said, “It'll do.”

Once she steps inside the shack, however, Ma noticeably starts to droop. All that hard travel has started to have a visible effect on her physical appearance; her beauty has been worn away by the journey. As Ma moves throughout the rundown little shack, Lucy can see the shape of her skull.

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