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ya i have seen but it is very short..

by the way thnaks...


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I am assuming that what you mean by "uno" is the United Nations Organization :).  


The United Nations was formed after the League of Nations basically failed to prevent a second world war.  After World War II, multiple nations found a way to appropriately represent countries in a world peacekeeping organization.  The United Nations doesn't only keep peace through negotions, but also through programs such as UNESCO (United Nations Economic, Social, and Cultural, Organization), UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), WHO (World Health Organization), etc. (happy countries are less likely to go to war).  The United Nations isn't really equal however, since besides the General Assembly, there is the powerful Security Council with only 5 permanent members who all have vetoing powers: The United States, China, Russia, France, and the UK.


The United Nations boasts a wide array of achievements, and has been the most successful peacekeeping organization to date.  It has intervened during the Korean War, and authorized intervention in Iraq after the 1990 Persian Gulf War.  The United Nations is also credited for many peacekeeping measures in Africa, such as ethnic and official language integration and peacekeeping between hostile tribes.  Another achievement would be calming tensions between India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, and the next big conflict between them could lead to the end of the world :(.


All in all, the United Nations has been a generally successful organization, and is definitely a tool that should always we used before armed conflict.


Hope that Helps :).