What does Holden do to Mrs. Morrow throughout chapter 8?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 8, Holden boards a train heading to New York City and ends up sitting next to a woman named Mrs. Morrow. Mrs. Morrow notices a Pencey Prep sticker on Holden's luggage and asks if he knows her son, Ernest Morrow. Holden says he knows Ernest and introduces himself as Rudolf Schmidt. Holden proceeds to lie to Mrs. Morrow about her son and continues to tell her outrageous lies concerning himself and his situation throughout the trip. Holden tells Mrs. Morrow that her son is a popular, sensitive boy who was too humble to run for class president. Holden takes pleasure in lying to Mrs. Morrow the entire trip and enjoys seeing her smile when he makes up stories about her son's accomplishments and popularity. Holden even tells Mrs. Morrow that he is leaving Pencey Prep early because he is having a small tumor in his head surgically removed. Holden's interaction with Mrs. Morrow characterizes him as a liar and reveals that he is an unreliable narrator.

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