What is the history and manufacturing process of hockey pucks?

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The use of hockey pucks in hockey play came after the use of a rubber ball. Since the rubber ball jogged a lot, it occurred the necessity of using another shape instead of a ball. The ball was replaced by different objects, like blocks of wood, rubber ball halves, and two pieces of rubber linked together by glue.

The raw material of the hockey puck is vulcanized rubber and the logos silk-screened on the puck are made of rubber-based ink.

Since there exists two types of pucks, there exists also two processes of manufacturing of these types of pucks. The souvenir or practice pucks are made from rubber that comes into fabric in cord form, while the NHL pucks are made from granular rubber blended with special bonding material.

In the manufacturing process of souvenir or practice pucks, the first step of the process consists of the slicing stage, when an automated machine slices the cord of rubber into pieces. Each slice is put into two halves of a mold and then the mold is heated, while the halves of mold are compressed. The silk-screening process comes after the puck is made.

The first step of the process of manufacturing NHL pucks consists of blending the granular rubber with the bonding material and then the mixture is poured into the two halves mold. The mold is no longer heated and the compression process is performed at room temperature. The silk-screening process comes after the puck is made.

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