What is the history and manufacturing process of bagels?

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Bagel is a bakery specialty as well as doughnuts and cakes and its popularity has increased a lot in the last years.

The basic recipe of bagel consists of the following ingredients: flour,yeast, water, salt. The additional ingredients vary from the type of flour used to the final flavor of the bagel.

Since the bagels can be either produced in commercial or local bakeries, or at home, the process of manufacturing differs from many points of view.

The process of manufacturing of the bagels produced in commercial bakeries starts with the blending phase. In this phase, the basic ingredients and special flavors are blended together. In the next phase, the temperature must be kept at an optimum value for the dough to rise enough. In the next 3 phases the bagels will reach to the annular shape. In the next phases, the bagels are pre-baked, before its distribution to the stores. In the final phase, the bagels receive the toppings and they are baked.

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