What is the history and legend of Dudleytown, CT.?

Do you have your own ghost/spooky/mystery/unexplained story?

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The story of Dudleytown is odd to say the least. In the 1740's, a group of woodcutters moved to that area and settled. They were the Dudleys. It quickly became a great place to live and all seemed well. However, all the while there were mysterious deaths and people growing crazy. For example, in 1774, six people of the town contracted cholera and died. And one of the original founders lost his mind. In 1792, another person died and someone in the town got even struck by lightning. These deaths might not seem like a lot, but you need to realize that these towns were very small. By 1850, most of the people fled the community thinking that it was cursed in some way.

In time, more strange things continued to happen. In 1892, John Brophy moved there and his flock of sheep died as well as his wife. Later a few more people would die. Now it is abandoned, but the eeriness of the place continues. No one is officially allowed to trespass, but the legend of the curse of Dudleytown remains.

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