What is the history of laundry detergent, and how is it manufactured now?

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Though, various records showed that the soaps were manufactured since ancient times, usually boiling ashes and fats, the first synthetic detergent was developed in Germany in1916 and the detergent containing a combination between a surfactant (soap) and a builder (chemical that increases the efficiency of surfactant) was developed in 1946, in United States.

The laundry detergents make the laundry cleaning more efficient, since the soaps, in reaction with the chemical in waters, form a precipitate that leaves unwanted traces on clothing.

There exists three methods of manufacturing laundry detergents. Two of these methods are most commonly used, such that: blending method and agglomeration method. The first manufacturing method produces small batches, up to 10000 pounds, while the second manufacturing method produces large batches, up to 50000punds per hour.

The blending method uses a blending machine, either a rectangular tumbling blender, or cylindrical ribbon blender. The process starts with the stage of loading the ingredients. After the ingredients are mixed in one of the two types of blenders, the mixed result is discharged on a channeling appliance that transports the detergent to the factory area where the packaging process starts.

The agglomeration method uses a Shuggi agglomerator. The process starts with the stage of loading the dry ingredients that are first blended and then sprayed with liquid ingredients through the openings practiced in the walls of agglomerator. The sprayed ingredients are continuously blended and the resulting mixture has a gelatinous viscosity. After the resulting mixture is discharged from agglomerator on a drying belt, it becomes crumbly and the final form of detergent is a dry mixture of granules.

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