What is history?

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The commonly accepted (although not entirely accurate) definition of history is the study of the past of human beings. This explanation is too simple, as one's breakfast is part of one's "past." History is more precisely defined as the "study of change over time." Many events happened in the past, people are born, live, and die, but this is not "history." History is rather the study of those events in the past which evoked change, from the time early man learned the use of fire and developed settled architecture until the more recent events such as the War in Afghanistan. An integral part of the study of change is also the study of continuity; a true story of history must involve both the changes that have occurred and the customs, practices, beliefs, etc. that have continued unchanged.

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Though the word history arouses a good deal of controversy' It  can be defined as the record of significant events often icluding an analysis to explain them.It is the study of past in which  historians try, using evidence, to find out what happened and why .It is an account of events which is not necessarily accurate for they are reported by : rulers, merchants, soldiers...Obviously, the history of an invasion will be written differently by the conquerers and the conquered.

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