Lowell System Significance

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In the early to middle part of the nineteenth century, the emergence of the Lowell system in Boston significantly changed the course of textile manufacture.  Before the Lowell system, named for the manufacturing center at Lowell, Massachusetts, textiles were manufactured on a much smaller scale - often done by individuals.  Immediately prior to the Lowell system, the "putting-out" system of manufacture served as the most efficient means of production.  The Lowell system, rather than requiring individuals in different locations to be responsible for parts of the process, made it possible for the whole process of textile manufacture to be housed in one place, greatly improving what was really an inefficient system.  By streamlining the process, the Lowell system contributed a great deal to American textile output and served as an exemplar for the other industries in the United States in subsequent decades.

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The Lowell System, named after Francis Lowell, was a huge part of the American Industrial Revolution.  The Lowell System made the factory system more advanced by using an assembly line system.  It was more functional, more products were produced, and eventually this system helped the economy to grow throughout the Northeast.  This system and the new transportation such as the steam engine train and steam boat helped to expand markets all throughout the United States.

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The Lowell System was a plan developed in the early 19th century to promote and expand textile manufacturing. Textile mills relied heavily on a labor force of women and children. It expanded the idea of the factory system. It was all part of the Industrial System.

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alohaspirit is incorrect. The Lowell system was named after Lowell Massachusetts, Francis Lowell was responsible for the power loom.