Kitagawa Utamaro produced works such as Hairdressing from Twelve types of Women's Handicraft during which historical period and in what geographic location?Please site a source.

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Utamaro created his woodblock prints in Edo, Japan, which is the current city of Tokyo. Hairdressing from Twelve types of Women's Handicraft Series was most likely produced from1792-93

Kitagawa Utamaro was a Japanese artist who produced woodblock prints in the 18th century.  The woodblock process had only been around in Japan since the 1670’s and the process was going through a series of improvements in production and style in the years leading up to Utamaro’s creation of Hairdressing from Twelve types of Women's Handicraft.

The woodblock printing process at this time involved three separate entities.  There was the artist that created the concept design in ink;  there was the wood block carver that physically carved the plate; and lastly, there was the printer that printed the edition.  According to Gardner’s Art Through the Ages (edition 10), Utamaro’s work is considered some of the best woodblock prints of this time because he “was fortunate to have the services of craftsmen who were skilled enough in wood cutting to allow him to create extraordinary nuances in color, texture, and line.” (page 550)

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