Identify a historical figure that has demonstrated moral courage.

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I think that you are probably going to find many different contributions to this particular question.  I would say that Mahatma Gandhi is a historical figure that has demonstrated a sense of moral courage.  When the entire world was caught up in militarism and vengeful notions of justice, Gandhi stressed nonviolence and active resistance as ways to transform both political reality and spiritual existence.  Gandhi's movement did not seek to make a free India, but a better one in the process.  This was courageous because it sought individuals to embrace a transcendent moral end.  Knowing that one has the discipline to not raise a hand in direct opposition, but rather display a courage that shows resolve and embracing the idea of what active, nonviolent resistance represents is morally courageous because many lack the discipline needed for it.  Gandhi was a historical figure who demonstrated moral courage because of his willingness to fast and sacrifice for the larger good.  When he recognized that fasting for social justice was a larger end that could help to bring about the change he wanted, this represented a sense of moral courage in that it displayed the courage necessary to do something that others would elect not to do.  Gandhi's desire to achieve political freedom through spiritual elevation is what makes him representative of moral courage.


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