What hints does Portia give to help Bassanio choose the lead casket in Merchant of Venice? Need more than 1 hint...

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Portia does indeed make some fairly subtle hints as to which is the correct casket to choose. But there are other factors to consider. For one thing, we must remember that Portia is incredibly loyal to her father, and assisting Bassanio would go against his express wishes. She would also be going back on her word, thereby destroying the integrity of her character, and if there's one thing we know about Portia it's that her integrity is impeccable.

We should also bear in mind that Bassanio enters the scene to make his choice after Arragon has already chosen the incorrect silver casket. And even then, when the messenger announces his arrival, he doesn't mention Bassanio by name. Crucially, it is Nerissa who first names him. This would appear to indicate that it is Nerissa, rather than Portia, who's been orchestrating events. After all, she's the only one who's had contact with all six suitors; and it is she who informs Portia that they are leaving. It is also instructive that Nerissa is the...

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