What hints are there in “Respuesta a Sor Filotea” that indicate that Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is responding to some criticism?

In "Respuesta a Sor Filotea," Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz answers several criticisms mentioned or implied by her correspondent. She discusses her writing, the value of secular learning, the scorn she has received for her dedication to study, and the need for women to be well-educated.

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In her “Respuesta a Sor Filotea” (“Reply to Sister Filotea”), Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz clearly addresses what she perceives as criticism of her studies and her writing. She is likely right in identifying some comments in Sor Filotea's letter as critical of her activities, and she seems to be rather annoyed by them despite her humble words. Let's look at some of Sor Juana's replies to her critic.

Sor Juana remarks that

my not having written much on sacred subjects is not from disinclination or lack of application, but from an excess of the awe and reverence due those Sacred Letters, for the understanding of which I acknowledge myself so ill-equipped and which I am so unworthy to treat (208).

These words are written in response to criticism that Sor Juana has not applied herself enough to writing about the Bible. She admits that she has not because she does not feel worthy or well-prepared to do so. She fears that she will make a mistake and lead others into error.

This is not a...

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