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Unlike many modern religions, Hinduism has no definitive founder.  Hinduism started as a culture in India that then grew into a religion. Hinduism can be traced back to 2000 BC. Hinduism is based on teachings from Vedas. Hindus believe Vedas are sent by God to earth as human beings. Thus, God, according to Hindus, is the founder of Hinduism. Teachings were handed down from word of mouth. Hinduism also draws from the teachings of Rishis, saints, customs and culture. 

Some recent debate has occurred whether or not the Aryans started Hinduism. Initially, it was believed that Hinduism religion and culture were the result of an Aryan invasion. However, recent scholars have suggested otherwise. Some scholars believe that Hinduism resulted as a mixture of cultures between those native to India and the Aryans travelling around the continent. 

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