What are Hilary Clinton's dishonesty issues?

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Hillary Clinton is facing some issues that cause some people to feel that she is dishonest. One of those issues deals with the time when she was Secretary of State and used a private server to send and receive emails. When word leaked that many of these emails were deleted, people became suspicious. When she said that she never used this server for sending or receiving classified information, the FBI investigation found that she did use this private server to do this at times. As a result, some people believe she is trying to hide something and hasn’t been fully honest when dealing with this and other issues.

Another issue where her credibility has taken a hit has been with the huge amounts of money she has made on speeches that were given to companies on Wall Street. When she says she is going to go after these companies, people are suspicious because she has made a lot of money on these speeches. People wonder if she really will go after these companies.

Recently, there have been concerns raised about donations to the Clinton Foundation. Some people believe that those who gave a lot of money to this foundation were given the opportunities to meet with her. While she denies this was the case, because of previous concerns that have existed about her, there are people who have a difficult time believing her.

While each person will have to draw their own conclusions, there are people who believe she is not honest.

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