What is a hilarious part in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee?

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One of my favorite funny moments throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in Chapter 23. Scout becomes upset after Aunt Alexandra forbids her from hanging out with the Walter Cunningham because "he---is---trash." (Lee 301) Jem intervenes and takes Scout by the shoulders into his room. Inside his room, he attempts to console Scout by offering her a Tootsie Roll. Scout notices how Jem's body is growing and maturing. Jem turns around and tells Scout he'll show her something if she doesn't tell. Jem unbuttons his shirt, smiles at Scout and asks her, "Well can't you see it?" (Lee 301) Scout is confused and asks Jem what exactly he is attempting to show her. Jem says, "it's hair," and is excited to share with Scout that he also has it growing underneath his armpits. Scout's reply is hilarious because she simply says, "It's real nice, Jem," even though she doesn't see a thing. (Lee 302) The image of a hairless, preteen boy pointing to specks of hairs on his chest that are barely visible is one of the memorable funny moments throughout the novel.