Twelve Angry Men Questions and Answers
by Reginald Rose

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What are the highlights of Reginald Rose's life?

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While it is difficult to to choose the highlights of another man's life, the professional highlights of Reginald Rose are many. Twelve Angry Men is Rose's best known work, and for it, he won both an Emmy as well as an Academy Award. Besides Twelve Angry Men he wrote 11 screenplays, many television shows, and five plays. Twelve Angry Men, however, remains his most popular play.

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His book "Twelve Angry Men" was published as an extended form for a play act in 1955 and was make into a very successful film in 1957 starring Henry Fonda and coproduce by himself and Rose, the original author of the book. This book-turned movie won many acclaimed praises and reviews, garnering many Emmy and Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Writing etc., and an Award for Best Motion Picture Screen-play by the Mystery Writers of America.

After that successful stint as a writer, he continued to write more television scripts but he is best known for the series "The Defenders" which started in 1961 and ended about 1965, the drama series is about a father-and-son group of defense lawyers in law. Later on, he wrote five  plays for the stage and written another 11 screenplays. His career ended when he died on April 19, 2002.