What are the highlights of Charles Kuralt's America?

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Charles Kuralt was known for his easygoing style of reporting about everyday life, usually in small town America.  He would travel the country writing and/or reporting about interesting stories showing how average people lived in the United States.  In his book, Charles Kuralt's America, Kuralt went to twelve different locations in the United States to show how average people lived their lives.  His easygoing style of writing and reporting drew in listeners and readers.  His love of our country, the land, and the special geographic features is evident in all of his writings and reporting.  After reading his books, the reader comes away with a clear view of how people make the most of their lives in the special places and neighborhoods in which they live.  This is a celebration of life in the United States and the people who live in these distinct neighborhoods.  Whether it be a big city like New Orleans or a small town like Boothbay Harbor, the reader gets a comprehensive feel of the unique characteristics of life and people in the different areas and regions of the United States.

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