What does Hezron believe about the establishment of God's kingdom? How do Joel and Daniel's opinion about the establishment of God's kingdom differ from Hezron's?

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In Chapter 5, Daniel is invited to eat dinner with Hezron and his children. Daniel makes several remarks chastising the Jewish people for living peacefully under Roman occupation. Hezron agrees that the Jewish people should remain separate from Rome's influence, but views Daniel as ignorant and rash. Hezron tells Daniel that he must be patient and endure God's judgment. Hezron's faith lies in God's Law and he believes God's kingdom will be established after God has passed His judgement on the Jewish people. Hezron does not know when God will overthrow the Roman conquerors but believes that the Jewish people will live free in due time. At the beginning of Chapter 7, Joel says,

"Father believes we must leave the future to God. That when God is ready He will establish His kingdom on earth" (Speare 78).

Joel agrees with his father, but believes that God is waiting for individuals to rise up and fight. Joel and Daniel feel that they have tried Hezron's way long enough and are anxious to kill the enemies of God to establish His kingdom. Joel and Daniel favor action over waiting.

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